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April 22, 2021

SBA News You Can Use

By Partner ESI


SBA News You Can Us

SBA’s Environmental Questionnaire

Are you using the correct SBA Environmental Questionnaire (EQ)? Although the new SBA SOP 50 10 6 did not alter the required minimum areas of inquiry to be addressed, there was one very big change: a new requirement, without which your EQ will not be accepted. The new SOP requires that the signed EQ contain a “False Statements Certification.” The specific language to be included states that intentionally falsifying or concealing material in the EQ can result in penalties under applicable law (which is up to 5 years in federal prison). If you haven’t already downloaded our SBA EQ, click here.
The SBA’s Crash Course
SBA’s SOP for 7a and 504 loans is a popular policy for environmental due diligence and a great guideline for any lender looking to create a formal environmental policy. Our updated blog series discusses the ins and outs of the SBA Environmental Policy, including:
A Review of the SOP 50 10 6 Environmental Policy Updates
This article offers a quick overview along with a helpful table showing a side-by-side comparison of the changes within the Environmental Policy Section from SOP 50 10 5(K) to SOP 50 10 6.

SBA SOP 50 10 6 Resources

SBA SOP 50 10 6 (Effective 10/1/20)
Environmental DD Report Flowchart
Environmentally Sensitive NAICS
Environmental Questionnaire

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