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September 9, 2009

Stanclift Joins Partner in Salt Lake City

By Marshall Stanclift

Salt Lake City, UT—Marshall Stanclift, Sales and Marketing Professional, has recently joined Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. as the National Client Manager within the firm’s SBA Division, announced company principal Joseph Derhake, PE.

Mr. Stanclift will be based out of the firm’s Salt Lake City office and will be responsible for new business development along with maintaining current client relationships. His role will include managing customer accounts and providing them with environmental due diligence solutions.

Stanclift has more than three years of experience in the real estate due diligence industry. He began his environmental career by launching the ESA Division with Colorado-based USReports, Inc. US-Reports quickly became known as a top provider of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for SBA Due Diligence nationally. In February 2009, the ESA Division of US-Reports was acquired by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Mr. Stanclift continues to work with SBA Departments across the country to educate and assist them with the necessary environmental requirements needed to gain approval for their loans. He has been involved in over a thousand real estate transactions and enjoys seeing the successes of those clients he works closely with.

“Joining Partner Engineering has brought a great deal of satisfaction for me, personally. Maintaining a high level of integrity towards our clients, our reports, and our team of professionals, is how we measure our successes. We strive to become an extension of each one of our valued clients’ businesses. Our name says it all!” said Marshall Stanclift.

Torrance, California-based Partner is a national environmental and engineering consulting firm focusing on real estate due diligence, building sciences, construction monitoring and environmental site remediation services. Partner is dedicated to employing outstanding engineers and scientists who are dedicated to understanding the client’s business. This dedication yields a consulting product that meets the scrutiny of regulators and peer review and is customized to meet the client’s business needs.

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