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Marshall Stanclift

National Client Manager



Marshall Stanclift has substantial experience in the commercial real estate industry fulfilling the environmental needs of lending institutions across the country. During his tenure, he has partnered with numerous professionals in the industry to assist in the process of financing small businesses. These individuals include SBA and Commercial Lenders, Certified Development Companies, Secondary Market Officers, Real Estate Brokers, SBA Legal Counsel Members and Real Estate Attorneys.

With a focus on the Federal Government’s Small Business Administration Programs, Mr. Stanclift has become a reliable resource for lenders seeking up-to-date information relating to the Standard Operating Procedures for SBA’s environmental requirements. Mr. Stanclift is familiar with a variety of due diligence requirements and reporting standards including ASTM E 1527-13, EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), ASTM E 1528-14 Transaction Screen, SBA Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA), and database and historical record reviews.

Mr. Stanclift manages customer accounts, communicates with clients to discuss their risk and liability concerns, and ultimately assists in making an informed decision on which path of due diligence would best suit their needs. His focus is to provide an added value to our customers and create a positive experience with every transaction.

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