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Lead in Drinking Water

Partner performs complete lead in drinking water sampling services for both public and private clients. Lead in drinking water sampling is performed in accordance with EPA guidelines and other regulations. Other authorities, such as those run on the state level, have additional requirements for the testing of lead in drinking water. For example, the New Jersey Department of Education has its own set of requirements for sampling lead in drinking water in New Jersey Schools, the State of New York’s requirements for sampling lead in drinking water in New York Schools, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality requirements for statewide testing.

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Partner develops Lead Sampling Plans and Quality Assurance Project Plans in accordance with the EPA’s “3 T’s for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools”, a guidance document for sampling lead in drinking water in schools based on the concept of “training” school officials to raise awareness, “testing” drinking water in schools to identify potential problems, and “telling” students, parents, staff, and the community about the results of testing and remediation actions. Lead Sampling Plans include a plumbing profile survey, sampling locations, and sampling procedures. The Quality Assurance Project Plan identifies analytical methods, procedures, and validates the reporting process.

Partner also provides valuable recommendations to mitigate lead in drinking water issues in the event that analytical results are above the EPA action level or other applicable standards.

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