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Winning Strategies for Renewable Energy Financiers

Is your Independent Engineer doing enough to reduce risks of renewable energy investments? Our panel of experts share strategies on how to make renewable energy projects safe for lenders and profitable for developers. Hear first-hand lender perspective on common underwriting challenges with renewable energy projects, along with best practices for mitigating risk, reducing soft costs, and streamlining due diligence, financial closing, and construction processes.

With political risks of sourcing solar modules and demand for projects outnumbering availability of qualified contractors, it is more important than ever for renewable energy lenders and developers to find ways to reduce their risk. Inflation and supply chain issues continue to squeeze margins, making it critical to reduce soft costs. With the help of modern risk management solutions like SureBuild project completion insurance, lenders can help developers reduce costs, making solar a more viable solution.

In this webinar, we address:

  • What to look for in an Independent Engineer (IE) to assure confidence of reduced project risk
  • How to navigate the perspective gap between a lender’s engineer and the developer’s engineer
  • Ways lenders can lighten the burden of project management
  • Benefits of funds control and construction monitoring
  • Ways SureBuild Project Completion Insurance helps to increase project leverage that lowers financing soft costs
  • How project completion insurance works as a proactive bond alternative that is more accessible and affordable, while offering course correction and additional capital in the event of default

Speakers Include:

Gage Kellogg – Managing Director, Renewable Energy  |  Partner ESI
Jim Spano – Co-Founder, Head of Originations  |  Sol-REIT
Joe Derhake, PE – CEO  |  Partner ESI
Isaac Stern – Executive Director, SureBuild | Saint Vincent
Michael Gross – Sr. Project Manager, Renewable Energy  | Partner ESI

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