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Honolulu, Hawaii

Due diligence in Hawaii is unique and requires a strong understanding of the local environment and market. Partner is well-positioned to provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Testing, Property Condition Assessments, Seismic Probable Maximum Loss reports, and ongoing Construction Monitoring projects. Partner staff are experienced navigating the islands to get to your site efficiently and are familiar with the local regulatory agencies to obtain necessary information. From Oahu to the Big Island, our Hawaii team has performed portfolio and standard due diligence for resorts, hotels, golf courses, and retail centers in response to ownership transfers, refinancing, or remodeling of properties. Partner's Hawaii operations are currently based in Honolulu.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Partner has been serving the needs of the commercial and multifamily real estate industry since before the creation of ASTM standards. Known as an industry leader in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, we meet ASTM E1527-13 Standards in our reporting. While keeping in mind the need to evaluate a site's specific location in Hawaii, Partner is able to create and meet customized client scopes such as assessing the risk of potential future lava flows on the eastern side of the Big Island.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Hawaii’s geology is unique due to the shallow lava bedrock and a lack of potable groundwater aquifers; additionally, in rural portions of the state, there is extensive use of underground injection wells for wastewater treatment. Partner understands these local differences and offers a wide variety of environmental assessments on the Islands. With the installation of groundwater wells, for example, we take into consideration the challenges of limited top soil to investigate on the Big Island. Partner performs Phase II Environmental Testing either in support of a financing decision or to meet the requirements of the Hawaii Department of Health, Hazardous Evaluation and Emergency Response Office (HEER). Most of our reports are performed to meet the standards set by ASTM E1903-97(2002).

Property Condition Assessment

Gaining a proper understanding of the immediate and future repairs on a property is advantageous for those with commercial or multifamily property interests. Partner understands that the constant exposure to the elements, particularly water and salt, in Hawaii can accelerate the deterioration of building materials. Keeping this in mind, Partner will inspect buildings in Hawaii with a detailed eye for corrosive damage and issues pertaining to constant moisture exposure. After each inspection, we provide tables that indicate required immediate and future investments for a property. Partner also manages high-profile Property Condition Assessments and will coordinate and manage a team of specialists which may include roofing, mechanical, façade, elevator and accessibility.

Construction Risk Management

For construction lenders, understanding construction budgets and keeping payments in line with progress is critical. Partner is here to help. Our staff of engineers and construction managers can provide a wide range of services in support of construction lending. Construction Risk Management is a comprehensive program of 3rd-party services designed to minimize the risk of construction lending. In Hawaii, Partner has performed Construction Risk Management services for numerous high-profile hospitality, multifamily, and commercial properties.

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