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William Marcus

William Marcus has over 29 years of experience in the environmental field and consulting industry serving as National Client Manager and specializing in environmental and engineering due diligence services. His environmental experience in management of remedial investigations, soils and groundwater assessments, industrial hygiene services, indoor air quality investigations, and real estate due diligence allows him to provide his clients with the comprehensive information needed and identification of potential risks in order to make sound financial decisions and investments. He has an extensive background with real estate transactions and is knowledgeable in due diligence standards and requirements in reporting of environmental and engineering conditions, including compliance with EPA’s ASTM E1527-13 All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) and ASTM Standard E2018-08. During his career and while in his current capacity as Principal Client Manager, he has conducted, managed, and directed thousands of environmental and engineering assessments and due diligence projects in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean Region, and the United Kingdom.


OSHA, Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) 40-Hour Certification
Certified Project Manager
USEPA Incident Mitigation and Treatment Methods
USEPA Hazardous Materials Emergency Response


B.A., Geology, College of Wooster; Wooster, OH