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Mold and Asbestos Management Services, Hotel - New Orleans, LA

Project Location 
New Orleans, LA
Completion Date 
Saturday, January 16, 2016
Project Leads 
Downtown NOLA, Hospitality, Environmental Assessment, Industrial Hygiene

About the Project

Partner has provided and continues to provide various Mold and Asbestos Management services to for a well-known hotel chain in downtown New Orleans, LA. Partner was first engaged by the client during the property’s acquisition, to assist in preparing an Asbestos Survey Report. The report documented the existence of Asbestos Containing-Material (ACM) within the building, and as a result, Partner has been working with the client in the development of an Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program and a Mold-Moisture Action & Prevention Plan (MMAPP). By engaging Partner early, the client is able to manage the Asbestos issues themselves and save a significant amount of money over time, by not contracting out these issues.

Partner developed the following management plan as part of the hotel chain’s building-wide renovation project.  

  1. OSHA Regulatory Training Services:  Partner provided a training session for hotel staff, which covered the following topics: Personal Protective equipment, Respiratory equipment, and Fit test for selected respirations, Hazard Communication, Asbestos Awareness and Water Intrusion.
  2. Asbestos/Water Intrusion Awareness Training for General Contractor and Subcontractor: Prior to Renovation Partner provided a training session covering recently developed ACM O&M Program and Mold-Moisture Action and Prevention Plan (MMAPP).
  3. Conduct Negative Exposure Assessments: As a result of the recent ACM Survey conducted by Partner, a number of confirmed ACM were identified, including textured wall paint, popcorn ceilings, and drywall/joint compound located throughout the hotel.  In an effort to allow hotel maintenance and housekeeping staff to perform routine activities such as hanging pictures or drilling holes through walls, without the need for extensive training and personal protective equipment, Partner will conduct a series of negative exposure assessments.
  4. Asbestos Abatement Monitoring: Partner is providing a U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)-accredited and State of Louisiana licensed Asbestos Project Monitor (APM) on-site throughout the abatement work, to observe the abatement contractor’s activities and to collect and analyze air samples around the perimeter of the containment work area.
  5. Documentation of Records Report: Upon completion of the asbestos abatement project, Partner will provide NOLA Holdings with a written closeout report.

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