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Nursing Home Portfolio - Miami, FL

Project Location 
Miami, FL
Commercial Bank
Completion Date 
Monday, November 26, 2018
Nursing Home PCA Assessment, Miami, FL
Nursing Home Generator, Assessment, Miami FL

About the Project

Partner completed Property Condition Assessments for three nursing homes throughout Miami, Florida. In March of 2018, Florida Governor, Rick Scott, signed a bill that now requires nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have a backup power supply in case of a power outage.

By staying up to date with Florida law requirements, Partner’s report identified potential emergency power concerns, in addition to unleveled floors, wavy acoustic ceiling panel systems, and cracked doorways.

Partner ended up protecting the lender (“client”) from any unexpected monies that went into the completion of the foundation, interior repairs, and generator by forcing the hand of the seller to produce documentation to our client regarding bids and projected costs.

Based on observed isolated cracking, Partner recommended the completion of a foundation survey to ensure the structure was “water tight”.  Cracking in the building envelope is known to cause water infiltration and mold. Elderly residents are more susceptible to these conditions and could face severe health concerns if not addressed promptly. 

In addition to completing the Property Condition Assessments, Partner also completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the two older properties to address any environmental concerns.

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