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Get Ready for California’s Balcony Inspections

If you own multifamily property with three or more units in California, listen up! You may have heard about the requirement for balcony inspections (SB721) and said “I’ll deal with that in a couple of years”… Well, a couple of years have passed! It’s time to jump-start your game plan to meet the 2025 initial deadline. Building owners need to engage an engineer, architect, or another qualified provider to assess a portion of “Exterior Elevated Elements” to identify immediate threats and recommended actions. With the volume of properties subject to this ordinance, you don’t want to be the last one in line trying to get an inspection scheduled and paying more for it. This webinar will cover everything you need to know and help you get started:

  • What properties are subject to the ordinance
  • Inspection scope of work
  • How to find qualified providers for the inspections
  • What the schedule, budget, and subsequent work repairs may look like


Speaker: John Van Valkenburg, SE

Mr. Van Valkenburg is a licensed structural engineer in California and the Technical Director for Structural Solutions at Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. leading a team providing structural analysis and design for both seismic retrofits and new structures. Bringing almost 20 years of experience, he is responsible for Seismic Risk Assessments across all sectors and building types, including multi-family properties, commercial/retail structures, and high-rise loft conversions. Mr. Van Valkenburg is well-versed in California-specific regulations and requirements, including Balcony Inspections SB721, CA 2030 Seismic Compliance mandate, and OSHPD regulations and requirements.

Moderator: Shari Fykes

Ms. Fykes has over 9 years of experience in the environmental service industry, with a specialization in client needs and compliance requirements of seismic solutions, balcony inspections, retrofit pricing options, State and Federal laws, regulations, and administrative policies affecting landlords, property management firms and building owners. A proactive, diligent client liaison, Ms. Fykes was instrumental in ensuring greater office efficiency for serving client needs, including developing and implementing internal protocols for the structural team at Partner.

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