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Webinar: Get a Full Picture of Your Next Investment – Smooth Transaction Using Zoning Report and ALTA Survey

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The status of a property’s title, history of uses, the accuracy of record keeping, and the changing municipality laws make each property unique and difficult to compare. Getting a full portrait of the property relies on two important instruments: an ALTA Survey and a Zoning Report.

An ALTA survey is used to determine and depict existing features of a property, including title boundaries, access to rights of ways, buildings, other improvements, easements, encroachments, water features, and other significant features. A well-researched zoning report comprised of a Zoning Letter, Certification of Occupancy, bulk and off-street parking requirements, zoning conformance conclusion, damage and reconstruction threshold, building, fire, and zoning code violations, and planned public improvement projects. These two instruments combined will reveal any code violation hindering deal closing or future development.

In this course, the attendees will walk away with a good understanding of the key components in each instrument; learn about the most critical elements of an ALTA Survey (Table A) and a Zoning Report; reveal the opportunities and risks in a future opportunity; order what are necessary scopes and save money; know what to expect with the survey/report; and be more confident with the next deal closing.

Webinar Details

Webinar: Smooth Transaction Using Zoning Report & ALTA Survey was recorded on: Thursday, April 11, 2024


  • Robin Rednose-Lewis
    Director of ALTA Services & Principal at Partner ESI
    As the Director of ALTA Services, Ms. Rednose-Lewis oversees a team of highly experienced staff in a fast-paced and high-volume environment. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations and technical coordination including proposal responses, surveyor agreements, staff training, title communications, site visits, project status updates, and ALTA Survey reviews. With nearly 25 years of professional experience, over a decade in project coordination and a supervisory role in the commercial due diligence industry, Ms. Rednose-Lewis has completed surveying and zoning projects for thousands of sites in various capacities.
  • Michael Solitro, PLS
    Director of Land Surveying at Partner ESI
    Michael Solitro is the Director of Land Surveying and a licensed surveyor in Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Texas, California, Nevada, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado, New York, Illinois, and Arizona. He is also a licensed Surveyor and Mapper in Florida. As an industry veteran of over 40 years of land surveying and mapping in the commercial real estate industry, Mr. Solitro will provide technical direction and quality assurance to Partner’s already robust national land surveying coordination services.
  • Stacy Long
    Client Manager/Project Manager at Partner ESI
    Stacy Long is a Client Manager/Project Manager with over 12 years of experience in the commercial real estate due diligence industry, specializing in Zoning matters. She works closely with a wide range of clients nationwide including attorneys, paralegals, and title companies, helping them understand and mitigate complex project-specific zoning issues. She also coordinates the project team working on zoning compliance, analysis, and report delivery.

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