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New Orleans, Louisiana

Partner has a strong presence in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Partner New Orleans office provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Testing, Wetlands Assessments, Brownfields remediation, NEPA Screenings, and Industrial Hygiene services such as Asbestos Surveys and Mold Assessments in support of commercial real estate transactions.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Partner is the national leader in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments by volume. Most reports are performed to meet the standards of ASTM E1527-13. Partner often customizes reports to meet individual client or agency lenders’ (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) requirements and is familiar with the specifications of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ).

Phase II Environmental Testing

Partner performs Phase II Environmental Testing either in support of a financing decision or to meet the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ).

Wetland Delineations

Partner performs wetlands assessments in order to meet area-specific requirements with staff personnel knowledgeable in areas including but not limited to: determinations, delineations, permitting, and mitigation.

Asbestos Surveys

While conducting a Phase I ESA, Partner does a visual evaluation of accessible areas for the presence of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs). Should it become evident that Asbestos-Containing Materials may be present, Partner can perform sampling and testing to evaluate if Asbestos-Containing Material is in fact present.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the science of protecting and enhancing the health and safety of people at work and in their communities from a wide range of hazards including chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic stressors. Partner provides a range of industrial hygiene services (e.g. exposure assessment, HAZCOM reviews, PSAs, JSA development, ventilation assessments, confined space entry attendant, etc.) to help our clients identify potential health and safety risks in commercial and residential buildings as well as manufacturing and industrial facilities. If deficiencies are found, Partner has the ability to provide workable solutions.

Mold and Moisture Assessments

Partner offers mold and moisture assessments to commercial and multifamily residential building managers and owners. These services include moisture/mold assessment, moisture source investigations, damage quantification, remedial plan development, remediation oversight, remediation closure services and expert witness testimony. Additionally, Partner can develop site specific Mold-Moisture Action and Prevention Plans for clients that designed to aid in minimizing occupant complaints, property damage and client liability.

Health, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance

Health, Safety, and Regulatory compliance are important factors to consider for any successful project. With rules and regulations forever evolving, it has become increasingly difficult to stay up to date and compliant with local and national standards. From the initial risk identification phase through incident management, implementation, final tracking and auditing, Partner has the expertise necessary to successfully mitigate your health, safety, and regulatory compliance concerns.

Training programs that cover all aspects of environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance and risk management can be time consuming to develop by untrained and busy professionals. Partner can assist with cutting the cost and time of this development by offering a wide variety of prepared or customized EHS training programs.

Partner provides full service Right-to-Know (RTK) compliance and hazard communication support to our clients. Whether regarding Worker Right-to-Know or Community Right-to-Know requirements, we assist facilities in complying with federal, state and municipal hazardous material communication regulations such as SARA Title III.

Insurance Environmental Claims Assistance

Partner can provide environmental claims assistance to adjusters in the event of a water-loss, smoke-loss, fire-loss, industrial/manufacturing-loss, spill-related-loss or any other environmental loss. These services include loss verification, loss quantification, hazardous materials/waste response needs assessment, remedial plan development, remediation oversite, remediation close out and expert witness testimony. Our goal is to protect human health, client property and client liability. Additionally, Partner provides forensic engineering services in order to determine root causes for building deficiencies and damage.

Location Address and Information: 
New Orleans, LA 70170
United States