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Las Vegas Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a standardized process conducted to assess potential environmental contamination issues on a property. It is typically conducted as part of due diligence when purchasing, refinancing, or developing a property to identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that may exist. In Las Vegas, Nevada, as in the rest of the United States, these assessments are generally conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) in standard ASTM E1527-13.


To perform a Phase I ESA, a Certified Environmental Manager (CEM) will typically review the following information:
  • Historical records, such as aerial photographs, city directories, and fire department records
  • Regulatory databases, such as the NDEP's Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) database and the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (CERCLIS)
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance maps
  • Interviews with current and former property owners, occupants, and neighbors
  • A site visit to inspect the property for any evidence of environmental hazards
  • Once the CEM has completed its review, it will prepare a report that summarizes its findings and conclusions. If the CEM identifies any RECs, they will recommend additional investigations to assess the nature and extent of the contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common environmental hazards found in Las Vegas include:
  • Underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs)
  • Hazardous waste contamination
  • Soil and groundwater contamination
Phase I ESAs are essential in Las Vegas, like any other location, to assess potential environmental liabilities, protect public health, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. They help property buyers and developers make informed decisions and reduce the risk of unexpected cleanup costs.
If the Phase I ESA reveals potential environmental issues, a Phase II ESA may be recommended. This involves further testing and investigation to determine the extent and severity of the issues identified.
Phase I ESAs in Las Vegas are typically conducted in accordance with ASTM International's E1527-13 standard and may also need to comply with state and local regulations.

Digging Deeper

Here are some examples of RECs that may be identified during a Phase I ESA in Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs)
  • Former dry cleaning facilities
  • Former gas stations
  • Former industrial facilities
  • Properties located near hazardous waste sites

If you are considering buying or selling a property in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is important to contact a qualified Certified Environmental Manager (CEM) to discuss whether a Phase I ESA is necessary.

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