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Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Structural Engineering

Partner’s structural engineering practice provides structural assessment, forensic evaluation, and implementation oversight services to support property acquisition, capital planning, redevelopment, structural rehabilitation, or seismic retrofit projects. Led by professional engineers and supported by a team of registered architects, construction professionals, and subject matter experts, Partner’s structural engineering team tailors solutions to fit your business objectives, applying technical expertise with a unique acuity for the demands of the commercial real estate industry.

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Structural Services

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A forensic evaluation is typically needed when there are concerns about the cause or extent of structural damage, such as after an earthquake, fire, or other catastrophic events. It involves in-depth investigation and analysis to determine the root cause of the problem.

Key components include visual inspections, structural analysis, material testing, assessment of foundation and framing systems, review of construction documents, and analysis of historical performance data.

Implementation oversight involves monitoring the construction or repair work for a project based on the recommendations from the assessment and/or evaluation. This ensures the work adheres to specifications and safety standards, protecting your investment and safety.

Structural rehabilitation involves strengthening, repairing, or upgrading existing structures to improve their performance, extend their service life, and enhance safety. It helps preserve valuable assets and mitigate risks associated with structural deficiencies.

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Seismic Retrofit/Rehabilitation

Our seismic retrofit/rehabilitation services provide a comprehensive package with our structural and seismic evaluation services. Partner’s engineers design customized solutions based on a marriage of the performance objectives of the owner, lender, or insurer. Our seismic rehabilitation services include retrofits of high-rises, office buildings, multi-family, and light-industrial buildings, as well as performance-based seismic retrofitting according to ASCE 41 and the International Existing Building Code. Other design and rehabilitation services include distressed foundation and superstructure repair.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Structural Engineering

Whenever a problem requires more than just structural knowledge, our full-time design engineers can draw upon our industry-leading assessment teams which include architects, contractors, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, cost estimators, surveyors, and environmental scientists.  Beyond that, we have teams experienced in telecom, risk management, industrial hygiene, remediation, property condition, surety, and owner’s representation.

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