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Methane Testing

Partner is one of the Preferred Providers of Methane Testing for the City of Los Angeles and other Southern California cities. Our methane surveys are inexpensive, fast, and easy to read. We provide integrated methane consulting as we can provide methane mitigation design in addition to methane testing.

High methane gas is present in the soil in much of Southern California. Areas more prone to high methane gas concentration include:

  • Former Oil Fields
  • Landfills
  • Areas with high natural petroleum deposits.

Buildings above high methane gas areas are at risk of accumulating methane and therefore becoming an explosive risk.

These risks can be mitigated without proper vapor barrier design; however, before spending money on a vapor barrier, most developers and home owners are well served to perform a Methane Survey first.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the City of Los Angeles, a Methane Survey is required prior to development in a Methane Zone and a Methane Buffer Zone.

Partner’s engineers perform Methane Surveys that meet the requirements of the City of Los Angeles as well as many other Cities in Southern California.

Partner focuses on quick and cost effective surveys that allow developers to keep their project moving.

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