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Construction Completion Commitment (CCC)

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The vast majority of defaults in construction projects are payment related, not performance related.  The good news: This is a preventable problem! This webinar will explain 6 key ways that Funds Control can help ensure your construction investments are completed on time, on budget and lien free!


The Construction Completion Commitment (CCC) is a proactive approach to managing the inherent risks of a construction project. It provides the greatest scope of fiduciary safety and construction oversight to ensure risk mitigation by providing evaluations, documentation, and schedule completion independent of the contractor/project manager. It can be used in lieu of a bond or in conjunction with a bond and includes products from Partner’s Construction Risk Management services with our commitment to see a project through. These tools help mitigate the risk of default and in the event of a major problem, will significantly reduce the magnitude of loss.

For construction lenders, understanding construction budgets and keeping payments in line with progress is critical. Partner is here to help. Our staff of engineers and construction managers are well equipped to assist in seeing your construction project through to the end.

CCC Components