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Contractor Evaluations

You underwrite the construction loan, why not also the key people?

6 Ways Funds Control Saves Your Project6 Ways Funds Control Saves Your Project - Webinar Details

The vast majority of defaults in construction projects are payment related, not performance related.  The good news: This is a preventable problem! This webinar will explain 6 key ways that Funds Control can help ensure your construction investments are completed on time, on budget and lien free!


While the lender underwrites the construction loan, unless a Contractor Evaluation is performed, no one is underwriting one of the most important individuals of the construction process – the general contractor! Partner provides Contractor Evaluations which are in-depth reviews of the qualifications and capabilities of the General Contractor to complete the project.

A Contractor Evaluation looks at the following items:

  • Financial Statements
  • Past company experience, including typical work, largest projects completed and business volume
  • Personnel, including employees, subs and suppliers
  • Equipment and software, including estimating software and methods used to monitor costs
  • Work in progress
  • Information on their safety program
  • Appropriate licenses
  • Plans for future growth