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Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
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Easy Data Reporting Helps Nationwide Multifamily Facility Management with Capital Planning & Regulatory Compliance

Since 2017, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. has been a service provider assisting GK Management (GK) with its nationwide multifamily property management needs by providing bundled services for environmental site assessments and solutions, property condition assessments, land surveys, zoning reports, seismic risk assessments, data collection and analysis, and energy assessments. Partner has delivered bundled services at more than 150 sites, 82 cities, and throughout eight states.

In addition to Partner’s nationwide coverage and multidisciplinary services, Partner uses integrated field data collection software, a proprietary cloud-based report delivery system, and an interactive report analytic dashboard allowing for real-time data access on the single-property level as well as on the portfolio level. The tools provide detailed system inventory and help the client to make informed decisions on short-term and long-term capital investment/improvement, which mitigate risks associated with costly system breakdowns and operational interruptions.

Partner also delivered balcony inspections at sites in California that are subject to SB721. As part of Partner GK’s capital planning, Partner coupled balcony inspections, mandated California law with a deadline of Jan. 1, 2025 deadline, which streamlined site visits and reduced tenant disturbance.

Sahil Ally, Senior Asset Manager at GK Management said, “We recently enlisted the services of Partner Engineering and Science for a comprehensive condition assessment of our extensive property portfolio. The task was formidable, yet the team managed it with exceptional professionalism, efficiency, and dedication. What truly set Partner apart was their commitment to communication. Choosing Partner for our property assessments was an unequivocal success. Their team not only met but exceeded our expectations, affirming their reputation as leaders in their field. We are grateful for their exceptional service and look forward to future collaborations.”

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