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Facility Management Plan

A Facility Management Plan is a site-specific plan that integrates onsite factors that need to be considered to manage and mitigate risk associated with commercial real estate assets. A Facility Management Plan incorporates a review of onsite building systems, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing and building envelope, and adds the additional consideration of how the overall facility should be managed while occupied, and importantly, how to manage those building systems during a temporary vacancy or shut-down. Specifics may include HVAC and chiller settings to ensure proper load balancing to prevent mold growth and legionella blooms. The goal of the Facility Management Plan is to document onsite building systems and appropriate operation as a means of proactive loss prevention and the protection of our clients’ facilities.

Goal of the Facility Management Plan:

  • Define routine maintenance 
  • Define maintenance that may be necessary during a temporary building vacancy or shut down
  • System settings such as HVAC and chillers
  • Remaining useful life (RUL) of all major building systems
  • Overall system compliance with the original design/engineering intent
  • Compatibility with contiguous systems
  • Prioritized list of commissioning and/or repairs to be performed prior to re-occupancy

Partner’s Engineering Expertise

Partner’s specialists in property condition assessments, facility condition assessments, and occupational health and safety are deployed to provide building system assessments, industrial hygiene evaluations and health and safety review.