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Seismic Retrofit

Designing reliable, cost-effective solutions to protect safety, prevent losses and ensure compliance.

Seismic Retrofit of a building may be necessary if a Seismic Risk Assessment reveals deficiencies in how an existing structure responds to an earthquake due to building characteristics, site location, and seismic characteristics of an area. Partner’s seismic rehabilitation services include retrofits of multi-family, commercial office and light-industrial buildings. Seismic Retrofitting, as part of our Structural Rehabilitation Services, provides a comprehensive package with our structural and seismic evaluation services. Partner’s engineers design customized solutions based on a marriage of the performance objectives of the owner, lender or insurer. Other design and rehabilitation services include distressed foundation and super structure repair.

Seismic Retrofit Processes

  • Plywood Shear Walls
  • Concrete Shear Walls
  • Moment-Resisting Steel Frames
  • Cantilevered Steel Columns
  • Braced Steel Frames
  • Foundations
  • Collector Detailing

Partner’s experts can navigate between the standards and codes, engineering constraints, and the needs of clients to produce Structural Rehabilitation recommendations and solutions to enhance marketability and reduce risk for a commercial property.

Read more about the California Seismic Ordinances here.