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Roof Consulting

Partner's roofing consultants have more than 40 years of experience in providing roof consulting services and solutions for commercial real estate properties. Our team is devoted exclusively to the evaluation, design and care of commercial roofs. Roof consulting services support transactions and the operation of a building. 

Roof Inspection and Due Diligence

Due Diligence inspections performed prior to the purchase, sale or lease of a building can provide a realistic picture of the current condition of the roof and related waterproofing envelope as well as project the remaining useful roof life.

Our reports can include:

  • Repair and maintenance recommendations
  • Cost estimates
  • Photographs to illustrate and explain problem areas
  • Leak history review
  • Attempted repair effectiveness
  • Identification of potential for future leaks

Roof Management Program

Innovative and sensitive to the needs of our Clients, we have successfully developed a Program that spans the worlds of roof technology and asset management. Our Roof Management Program was designed to meet two very important objectives - to maximize the useful life of each roof by providing superior inspection, reporting and maintenance service and to establish one set annual Roof Management fee.

Twice each year, all roofs are inspected and reports are issued on their condition, providing information about roof maintenance and repair costs, projected life expectancy and capital expenditures. These customized reports can be prepared for tiered reporting levels within each company. Our annual budget projections are prepared to meet any client's deadline. Upon a sale, the Owner can provide the purchaser with a documented history of roof repairs and maintenance.

Design and Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection Services ensure that you get what you pay for - that a professional representing the Owner's interest is available to handle issues that arise as the job progresses and that the coordination between contractors, tenants and other parties proceeds smoothly. The most common cause of roof failure is improper installation. 

The results of construction inspections are presented to the client in reports which will summarize the inspector's observations on the job and results of conversations with contractors and manufacturers. Problems or discrepancies will be identified at the time they are observed and brought to the attention of the Client and corrected. A final walk-through inspection, with all interested parties, will be held at the completion of the project.

Analysis of roofing membranes provide important clues to the type of materials which can be used on the roof, the durability of the roof and provide an early warning signal for potential problems.

Expert Witness 

Partner's Roofing Consultants provide expert opinion based on actual data obtained over 28 years, on thousands of roofs and millions of square feet of roofing.

Our consultants have the expertise and experience to distinguish between the technique and the technical practices of the roofing industry and variations due to the area of the state or region of the country