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Solar Consulting

Partner's solar consultants have the experience and expertise to help you make the most of solar energy projects.

Partner has key competency in solar consulting and engineering services. We work with clients across the country, providing full-service due diligence services, from feasibility analysis and design through to implementation, optimization, and management of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Click here for a PV system we worked on. 

Our solar experts can take clients through the full development cycle of a project, starting with validation of a project’s technical and economic feasibility and progressing to the design, supplier and contractor specification phases, sourcing of investment capital and available grants, construction oversight, permitting, commissioning, turnover and post start-up monitoring, measurement and verification of project electrical and renewable energy credit production and disposition.

Partner’s Solar Services

  • Independent Engineering Reports - Provides a review of the proposed solar project’s contractual documents with an evaluation of the technical design to verify compliance and ability to meet contractual obligations.
  • Technical Solar Assessments - Report required for Fannie Mae Green Rewards eligibility that determines a property’s renewable energy potential and identifies a practical and achievable solar system design and specifications for a building using calculations and models that reasonably project consumption and cost reduction.
  • PCA: Solar PV System Module - Property Condition Assessment module required by Fannie Mae for properties with an existing solar PV system or where a system will be installed on or before the loan origination date. This module reviews and summarizes the existing/planned solar PV system and provides a summary and assessment of the technical specifications and operating condition.
  • Solar PV Feasibility Study - Partner’s solar experts can help clients determine the feasibility of a solar system for their facility. This includes on-site visual observations of the building and surrounding property, as well as the development of a Conceptual Design Study of a proposed PV system.
  • Solar PV Detailed Plans and Specifications - In this phase, Partner’s solar consultants will develop a detailed analysis of the technical, legal, and economic parameters upon which the specification of the solar photovoltaic system can be developed. This includes conceptual site plans, preliminary layouts, and economic analyses for the viable locations.
  • Installation and Construction Oversight - Partner provides structural, electrical, and engineering oversight and construction administration services to ensure the successful implementation of a solar system.
  • Soils and Foundation Investigation - This investigation includes geotechnical analysis of subsurface conditions and a recommendation for the appropriate type of foundation for the proposed solar systems.
  • Solar PV Project Commissioning - As part of the commissioning process, Partner is able to review and finalize commissioning checklists, provide field installation inspection for each system, and provide Operational Performance Test Verification and Functional Performance Test verification.
  • Operations Monitoring - Partner can serve as the owner’s representative during the installation and start-up of the system, including independent oversight of the system output and cost savings of operation.
  • Solar PV Due Diligence Studies - Partner can perform due diligence assessments as appropriate, including site assessments, feasibility studies, and energy yield studies.
  • Solar PV Asset Management - Partner’s solar experts can help clients determine required budgets for capital and O&M maximize the economic value of facilities.

Partner provides the in-depth expertise and experience to provide the system design, verification, and management solutions to minimize business risk and ensure the success of your solar project.