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Dallas, Texas


Partner has a strong presence in Dallas, Texas. The Partner Dallas office provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental testing, Property Condition Assessments, ADA Surveys, and Asbestos Surveys in support of commercial real estate transactions. Summer Gell leads the Dallas team with more than 15 years of experience in real estate due diligence.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Partner is the national leader in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments by volume. Most reports are performed to meet the standards of ASTM E1527-13. Partner often customizes reports to meet individual client or agency lender's (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) requirements. Our Dallas staff are knowledgeable of and understand the unique attributes of Texas that can impact a Phase I, including up to date UST regulations and oil gas wells.


Property Condition Assessment Reports

In addition to providing Phase I ESAs, Partner provides Property Condition Assessments and Commercial Building Inspections for a wide variety of clients; including, CMBS lenders, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac lenders, and equity clients. Most of our reports are performed to meet the standards set within ASTM E2018-08 guidelines.

Phase II Environmental Testing

Partner performs Phase II Environmental Testing either in support of a financing decision or to meet the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Most of our reports are performed to meet the standards set by ASTM E1903-11. Partner Dallas professionals are familiar with the diverse geology and topography of Texas as well as state programs, such as the Dry Cleaner Remediation Fund (DRRP).

Seismic Assessments

Although Texas has been considered to be in Seismic Zones 0 and 1, over the past several years seismic activity has increased across northwest Texas, including near Dallas and the DFW metro area. While Texas earthquakes generally remain relatively small, a seismic risk assessment can determine a building's risk in the event of a larger earthquake and seismic retro-fits possible if deficiencies are found. Partner offers Probable Maximum Loss Reports (PMLs) across the United States where applicable and truly understands the importance of an accurate PML report. Understanding the local geology and correctly reflecting the math in a PML report is most important to those that purchase or lend on commercial or multifamily property. Our seismic experts bring decades of experience in the fields of structural and earthquake engineering consulting to Partner.

Asbestos Survey

While conducting a Phase I ESA, Partner does a visual evaluation of accessible areas for the presence of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs). Should it become evident that Asbestos-Containing Materials may be present, Partner can perform sampling and testing to evaluate if Asbestos-Containing Material is in fact present.

Dallas Experience

Partner has completed engineering assessments on all types of commercial real estate including office, retail, multi-family, industrial, and hospitality. Some recent projects and experience that provide insight into our Dallas consulting practice include:

  • Partner completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for a 175 property portfolio across the country. Fifty-three of those projects were in Texas with 11 of them in Dallas.
  • Partner completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Testing, and Property Condition Reports on a five site portfolio in Dallas.
  • Partner completed $56K worth of work, including A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with a sub-specialist inspection for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), and a Property Condition Report for an airport in Addison, Texas.
  • Partner completed a 30 site portfolio throughout the country, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) and seismic Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Reports on properties. The Phase I ESAs, PCAs, and PMLs were conducted for an equity client.
  • Our sister company Partner Energy secured $13 million of ARRA grants and loans for implementation of energy efficiency projects at low income multifamily projects across the country.
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