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Environmental Consulting

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. is truly an expert in the field of environmental consulting, with extensive experience providing the full scope of environmental consulting services to developers, investors, and lenders nationwide. Throughout the life of a property, environmental issues can arise that require the help of an experienced environmental consultant, from evaluating environmental liability during a property transaction to the remediation and redevelopment of a Brownfield site. Partner has the expertise that your business needs to understand, prevent, monitor, and remediate any environmental concerns affecting your real estate interests and operations. Our large staff of qualified environmental professionals includes licensed civil and environmental engineers; LEED professionals; Professional Geologists (PG); soil scientists; hydrogeologists; energy specialists; industrial hygienists; and toxicologists. Partner’s professional staff possesses the regulatory knowledge, technical skills, and project management expertise required to identify and minimize environmental risks during real estate transactions and property ownership/operations, and to help our clients select effective solutions to any environmental issues they face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It may be necessary to hire an environmental consultant when planning land development projects, conducting property transactions, managing hazardous materials, responding to environmental incidents or emergencies, seeking regulatory approvals, or implementing sustainability initiatives.

Qualifications for an environmental consultant may include a degree in environmental science, engineering, geology, or a related field, relevant professional certifications (e.g., Certified Environmental Professional), specialized training in environmental regulations and practices, and experience working on similar projects.

  • Initial consultation: Discuss your project needs and environmental concerns.
  • Scope of work development: Define the specific services required.
  • Project execution: The consultant conducts studies, gathers data, and provides recommendations.
  • Reporting and communication: The consultant presents findings and recommendations in a clear report.
  • Consultants can stay up-to-date on complex and evolving regulations.
  • They can help you identify applicable regulations for your project.
  • They can assist with permit applications and reporting requirements.

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