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Financial Institutions

Partner’s due diligence specialists provide targeted services to help financial institutions competitively manage risk and make sound underwriting decisions.

Partner works with a wide range of financial institutions nationwide, from community and regional banks to most of the nation’s top banks, commercial mortgage lenders, insurance lenders, and other financial institutions.

Lender Due Diligence

Partner is the nationwide authority in environmental and engineering due diligence for loan originations, refinances, and pre-foreclosures, completing thousands of projects a year. We understand that financial institutions must balance the need to stay competitive with the necessity to manage risk and make sound business decisions. We also know that no two lenders are identical in their goals and risk tolerances.

Partner works to develop a deep understanding of each lender’s needs in order to serve as an integral business partner in your risk management strategy.

Bank Facility Groups

Partner also works for many bank facilities groups, helping them identify, manage and mitigate environmental and engineering liabilities associated with ownership of bank branches and other facilities, while also providing a safe and healthy work environment for occupants.

Featured Services

We offer a full suite of environmental and engineering due diligence services, including: