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Real Estate Investors

At Partner, we understand that real estate investors demand a high level of scrutiny when assessing potential investments, and a consultant that understands their goals and best interests. Our team includes seasoned experts who are focused on the unique needs and goals of our equity clients. 

Partner offers a suite of engineering and environmental services designed to help owners and investors minimize risk and maximize returns by:

  • Identifying potential deal-killing problems with an asset;
  • Providing information that investors can utilize to negotiate the purchase price;
  • Assisting with planning for building maintenance and capital expenses;
  • Helping owners comply with regulations and protect human health and safety;
  • Recognizing opportunities to make a return on investment; and
  • Increasing an asset's efficiency, sustainability and marketability.

Through our designated Design Engineering Practice, Partner provides the depth of design expertise required to deliver the best targeted solutions for our clients.

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The Engineers who understand your business

Our team of experts are highly experienced in evaluating all types of properties across the country and internationally. We are actively involved with industry associations such as AIA and ASCE, as well as standard setting organizations including ASTM. Our most important resource is the quality of our engineers – we consistently go above and beyond to deliver the best solutions for your business. Partner’s in-house staff of over 350 full-time professionals is registered to provide services in all 50 States.

The best tools for the job

Partner has invested in a state of the art infrared camera to provide diagnostic inspections during PCAs. The Infrared imaging is used to assist in the determination of issues associated with:

  • Moisture intrusion in roofing systems, wall assemblies, etc.
  • Location of leakage of piping systems within wall and ceiling assemblies.
  • Location of wet insulation in roof and wall assemblies.
  • Air infiltration through walls, doors and windows.
  • Identification of poor insulation, failed sealants, leaky ductwork, etc.
  • Location of abnormal temperature levels in mechanical equipment.
  • Location of heat build-up due to shorted electrical circuits, particularly aluminum wiring.

Partner’s trained personnel can develop a scope-of-work with appropriate fees at a client's request. Such additional work can be added to a proposed Property Condition Report or as a stand-alone report.


Partner conducts thousands of equity level assessments, including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, ALTA Surveys, and Probable Maximum Loss Reports, every year for all types of investor clients.

Partner recently served as the Environmental Consultant to a nationally based investment advisor, completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Asbestos Survey at a high-rise commercial office building on Rockefeller Plaza in New York City for the company. The assessment and survey was conducted on the 34-story high-rise, having over 650,000 sq ft and performed on an expedited basis for strategic investment by the company.

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